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NWT Association of Communities

In 1966, municipal leaders from Yellowknife, Fort Smith, Hay River and Inuvik met to form an association representing the NWT's community governments.

The NWTAC was created to "promote the exchange of information among the community governments of the Northwest Territories and to provide a united front for the realization of goals."

All 33 of the NWT's incorporated communities are members of the NWTAC. Together, we have become a powerful, effective voice for NWT community governments. Acting on our democratically-adopted resolutions, we advocate for the interests of NWT communities to the Government of Canada and the Northwest Territories, and through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FMCM).

The NWTAC's AGM is the largest organizational gathering in the NWT, attracting more than 100 registered delegates. Mayors, Chiefs, municipal administrators, Territorial Ministers and MLAs attend, with federal Ministers and staff invited.

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