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Radical System Art

Radical System Art (RSA) was formed in February of 2014, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. RSA aims to create performance works that push innovation in both the physical and visual arts. Artistic Director Shay Kuebler is an artist whose foundation began in dramatic arts and traditional martial arts at the age of 4. Shay places a great emphasis on honouring and supporting his diverse background in the arts through continued study and training, which has included focused studies in martial arts, dance, theatre and music in Brazil, Japan, China and The USA.

Radical System Art is based on the theory of finding the balance of the highly-trained and the technical with the raw and the instinctual. RSA aims to support this concept through an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment - blending dance, martial arts, theatre, music and new technologies into new contemporary forms. RSA aims to redevelop and innovate in each new project through a rigorous approach to research, training and creation. The goal of the company is to build challenging, innovative and unique projects that can push the art form, reach new audiences and build greater appreciation for the arts.

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