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Rise Wellness Collective

Rise Wellness Collective is founded by Jillian Locke + Nadia Yanuziello: two soul sisters whose yoga and life journeys aligned to bring one another together in perfect synchronicity.


WHO: The perfect duo- Jillian and Nadia both bring so much experience, wisdom, passion, compassion, openness, authenticity, trust, balance and joy to each offering and just love working together to make the world a brighter more spirited place through their presence, co-creation, content, teaching, and involvement.


WHAT: Rise Wellness Collective offers a variety of Yoga, Reiki and meditation classes, workshops and events. Jillian and Nadia recognize the call to tune into your wellness needs and desires and bring together a collective of individuals in order to provide you with the various tools, offerings, and resources that extend into your daily life.


WHY: Rise Wellness Collective allows for a haven intended to embody the feeling and essence of home where you can shine your light and step into your power all while forming a collective whole. 


We welcome you with open hearts. Join us in rising and shining together in perfect harmony!