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Rusti L Lehay

We are all beginners when we face the blank page.

For over a decade Rusti L Lehay has been a creative writing instructor and writing coach/editor, specializing in bringing an empathic, heart-centred approach to coaching authors and beginning writers to craft and tweak their words, stories and lessons. Using time-tested exercises and inspirational writing prompts, she shares how our experiences and events are our mirrors and best teachers. Writers are encouraged to find and speak in their own voice to best serve the real boss, the audience, not the editor. Working with writers is one of her greatest joys. Sometimes the audience is you as her key statement is “the pen is mightier than the therapist.” Driven by a passion for memoir and passing on stories, Rusti believes if you have lived and breathed, you have a story. The page is the most friendly place for reflection and self-examination. Rusti is often told, “You create such safety for anyone in your groups.” If you have lived and learned, you have wisdom to share! Both as a writing & speaking coach, she believes the page and stage are waiting for you to appear. Someone is waiting to hear your journey and learn from your wisdom.

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