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Tamara Leger

World Class Music.Incredible Settings.Tremendous Fun. In 2015 Lions Bay House Concerts was established to promote community and personal connection through remarkable and unique shared experiences. Part of that founding goal was to build the local immune system, and to help “bygones be bygones”. We wanted to get folks out of their silos and create an active social environment where newcomer could easily mix with the old-timer and connect, or reconnect, in new ways. We also wanted to be a launch pad for seriously talented musical artists who were passing through and perhaps looking to pick up an extra gig in an exquisite environment. So, every month we gather in a different home. Everyone brings a plate and drink to share (potluck). Folks come from all over Vancouver and sometimes as far as Bellingham. And we have an absolutely marvelous time! 

PLEASE NOTE that all our house concerts are ages 19+, AND ARE NO-SMOKING, NO-VAPING EVENINGS. If you have mistakenly purchased a ticket for someone younger please let us know and we will gladly refund you. Thanks in advance for your understanding. See you there!

Sorry, there are no upcoming events