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The Collective Alchemy

Shannon Frame - Founder of The Collective Alchemy - is a breathwork facilitator in Whistler BC. She initially fell in love with breathwork as a way to calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety and stress, and as a way to connect deeply with her soul.  However, it is the transformative nature of breathwork combined with the unexpected, that enabled it to become a huge part of her life and is why she loves sharing it so much with others.  As someone who loves to connect people, her goal is to build a community through her breathwork sessions where others can experience this same deep freeing sensation, release what might be holding them back and open all possibilities to achieve the life they want to live.  She truly believes in the magic of breathwork as a way to shed layers of trauma, pain, hurt etc in order to be the best version of yourself.  Shannon is a money coach focused on helping others change their mindset around money and release trauma around money.  She is also the founder of UNLEASH Whistler - an event raised at helping people declutter their physical and mental space in order to get laser-focused and live the life they desire. You can find her below:


Instagram: @thecollectivealchemy