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Turkish Canadian Society

The Vancouver Turkish Canadian Society is proud to be the organizer of this important event that brings a great collection of Turkish movies to Vancouver for the enjoyment of film enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds. As a melting pot of many cultures of thousands of years, Turkey has so much to offer from a cultural sense, and the Vancouver Turkish Film Festival is one of the ways to share Turkey's deep-rooted multicultural heritage with the residents of Metro Vancouver.

Established in 1963, the Turkish Canadian Society's vision is to have a resourceful, compassionate, caring, vibrant community that embraces, nourishes and supports everyone,takes pride and ownership in its cultural roots, and collaborates with other Canadian organizations and charities that share the same foresight.
TCS has deemed it a mission to increase the public knowledge of contemporary and traditional Turkish art and culture while creating a productive environment, as well as sharing the history and teaching the language, for the enrichment and educational benefit of the people of Canada:
By setting up and operating a cultural centre and providing necessary tools and equipment that serve to create resources, and a workplace for cultural activities, artists and musicians.
By organizing festivals, conferences, concerts, fine arts exhibitions, a library, community courses, participating in multicultural festivals and other means.

Vancouver Turkish Film Festival has been organized by the Turkish Canadian Society since 2011.

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