Climate Change Cafe

Climate Change Cafe

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About this event

Join us at our next *virtual* Talk Climate to Me (TCTM) Climate Cafe on the first Friday of every month ☕️😌 Want to chat about renewable energy? The effects of climate change? What is sustainable investing anyways? 🧐

Let’s chat about it over a cup of coffee or tea!

TCTM is a fun, free, unscary, online, team-based climate education experience for women in Canada. You can sign up for TCTM here. And if you are curious to know more about TCTM's fall sessions, pop in and ask us your questions! You can also visit our website at

For our October 7th Climate Café, the team from Carbon Conversations Toronto (CCTO) will be joining us for an extra special CCTO climate café takeover!

Here is the down low...

CCTO follows the model of Climate Café practiced by the Climate Psychology Alliance. CCTO's mission is to normalize climate action, recognizing that meaningful action requires us to process our reactions to climate change.

A CCTO Climate Café is:

  • A warm, friendly, hospitable gathering guided by facilitators to allow individuals to share their response to climate change,
  • A space to talk about what our changing climate means for participants, exploring some complex feelings and thoughts which may often be taboo and hard to talk about,
  • A place free of guest speakers, lectures, advice, commitment, and actions!

The Principles of a CCTO Climate Café:

  • We create a space to share our responses to climate change – a thinking & feeling space, a haven from busyness and activity,
  • The focus is on feelings and thoughts about climate change, rather than what we’re doing about climate change,
  • There's no intention of leading participants to any conclusion or course of action,
  • We strive for an open, respectful & confidential space to express views safely.

Sounds like fun? Be sure to join us October 7th from 12 pm to 12:45 pm EST! The TCTM team is super excited to have CCTO join us for this extra special climate café!

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