Emotional Elegance - The Workshop

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A workshop for the woman ready to master her emotions with elegance and grace.

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Where would you love more emotional elegance in your life?

How would your life be different if you could hold your emotions with grace, poise and elegance?

What if you could find power inside your emotions, and use them to guide you toward opportunities for growth?

So you can:

*Make those bold moves.

*Have deeper connections.

*Feel empowered.

*Lead yourself and others.

*Feel strong and more connected to your values than ever before.

How would that feel for you? What would that look like in your life?

Just allow your mind to wander right now...

Emotional elegance is personal power.

This means no more feeling like you're absorbing someone else's negative mood.

It means no more taking things personally.

It means no more avoiding conflict to protect your own emotions.

Instead you get to become the master of your emotions.

You get to translate them and understand what they are telling you.

Inside this ONLINE workshop you will learn:

- How emotional work is energy work and a feminine practice (less strategy and more feeling). We will dive into how your physiology impacts emotions in an instant. I'll guide you through a breathing exercise that allows you to really regulate your emotions quickly and effectively.

- Discussion about emotional boundaries and why they are important. I'll show you how to begin creating impactful boundaries that protect you from taking on the emotions of others, and allow you to release the things you're taking personally.

- We will discover how negative limiting beliefs create emotions by understanding the deeper inner workings of your unconscious mind.

- I'll teach you how to look at your emotions objectively, so you can manage them with ease and grace. This will result in you having much deeper connections in relationships and friendships.

- You'll learn the four stages of growing, expanding and sustaining Emotional Elegance.

- Emotional mind vs Logical Mind vs Subconscious mind

- Plus, because I am a generator in Human Design, I'll probably add more magic into the workshop closer to the time.

This workshop is here to help you regain your power and guide you in creating a new narrative inside your unconscious mind that supports you and empowers you.

PLUS, there will be a very special announcement and EXCLUSIVE for those of you who wish to take these learnings further and dive into your feminine and masculine energies. You will become the woman who can ride her emotional waves with grace and reach her personal power with elegance! Think a phoenix rising from the ashes. You will be a completely transformed woman with emotional empowerment at her finger tips.

I am delighted to finally be able to offer this impactful and transformational program for women across the globe. Stay tuned.

Emotional Elegance - The Workshop is going to be mind blowing. You will finally learn how to get behind your emotions and no longer have them influence undesirable behaviours.

Heres to your elegance, your grace and your power.

See you there.

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Date and Time

Refund Policy

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Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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