Intellectual discussions, Applied philosophy & everything else

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Intellectual discussions, Applied philosophy & everything else

Meet a Global community of critical thinkers, intelligent philosophers, Scientists, educators & more! Multiple groups &topics+ happy hour

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Can’t sleep?

Wondering what others talk about and you’re not ?!

The global gossip?

Undiscovered thoughts unraveled only when the rest fall asleep?!

Falling on the path of another ambiguous being that could entertain your every cell of enthusiastic curiosity?

* Worried if you fit in ? Thinking you’re not a philosopher?Worry not!

We engage in life’s matters in productive comprehensive ways suitable for almost all curious.

Whether you enjoy the every day language of tackling life dilemmas OR analytical philosophy or maybe just need some company to engage in intelligent conversations, you may join and enter a breakout room with .. the other birds.. of a feather!


JOIN US IF YOU FEEL LONELY, sad, stressed, …! You will find comfort in one of our many discussion forums or in the “happy room”.


We cover everything from all different branches of philosophy to psychology , politics, world religions , POETRY, SOCIAL hours and.. MORE!

Philosophy is the oxygen for our concerned and concerning.. minds….


Advertising of your (and others’) groups, channels, businesses and etc. in any form and without a written permission is


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