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Relationship Coaching Services!

Unfortunately we've been taught to be fake, phony, pretentious, and superficial. You've been programmed to look at everybody and everything accept yourself! You are broken but pretend to be fixed, by keeping up this false image of "I have it all together" but secretly, you are a psychological wreck barely holding it together piece by piece hoping no one knows the truth about how damaged you really are. You'll enter into multiple relationships hoping the other person can fix and fill a hole that you truly know within your soul only you can fulfill yourself! But, you are too scared to give yourself permission to live your true self, so you try and hide within all your relationships hoping the other person will fix your brokenness.

You'll say: "Why can’t they change? They'll say: "Why can’t you change? You'll say: "they should change first! They'll say: "NO you should change first! What was once soothing in the beginning has now become a hostile battle for control! You're really fighting your past and present pain! You are severely broken and these relationship arguments are nothing more than a mask made to look like simple frustrational moments. Here's what's really secretly happening in all your relationships.


When people self-sabotage it's usually rooted in
fear, abuse, unresolved conflict, brokenness,
neglect, low self-esteem, self-hatred, resentment,
anxiety, undiagnosed depression, anger, unhealthy
addictive behaviors, historical trauma, mental
inadequacies, and emotional self-defeat! The word
sabotage simply means; "going against your own
interest." Emotional & psychological sickness will
always have you going against your own interest.
When a person feels emotionally, psychologically,
and spiritually inadequate, deep within their
subconscious mind, they'll inadvertently self-
sabotage every good thing that God has in store for them!
Why? Because past trauma has pre-conditioned
them to believe that God can't possibly make
lemonade out of lemons. They can't even mentally
conceive that they're the broken lemons that God is
trying to make lemonade out of. They're so
psychologically traumatized, that they've mistook
the voice of God, for their abusers voice. When God
says, "you're smart!" they'll hear, "I'm dumb!"
When God says, "go for it!" they'll say, "I can't!"
When God says, "you're more than a conqueror!"
They'll say, "I've already been conquered!" When
God says, "Your lemonade"! They'll say, "I'm
simply a dumb lemon unworthy to reach lemonade

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