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Reserved Seating Event Ticketing

Take back control, one seat at a time

Bring your space to life

Intuitively create maps for events of all shapes and sizes

  • Concerts

  • Performances

  • Teams

  • Dinners and Galas

  • Expos

  • Create your own

Hosting a large scale reserved seating event?

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Give attendees the experience they're paying for

Let fans pick their seats in a matter of seconds, and get them in fast with zero-downtime entry scanning.

Easily manage inventory

Dress the house, sell into your holds, and track it all on one single dashboard.

Grow box office sales

Accept fast, secure payments with Eventbrite Organizer, our battle-tested mobile box office.

The tools you need to grow your business

  • Supercharge your sales

    Boost ticket sales with industry-leading conversion and a mobile-optimized experience.

  • Take control of your event

    Change prices, promotions, or holds at any time without picking up the phone.

  • Own your data

    Own your data with 24/7 access to more than 15 different reports and chart views.

  • Reach new audiences

    Extend your marketing with event promotion, social sharing, and industry-leading SEO.

  • Impress attendees

    Delight with mobile-optimized purchase flows, convenient ticket access, and speedier entry.

  • Rest assured

    Rely on 99.99% uptime for your highest demand on-sales.