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Greater Moncton Men's Progress Club

Our Service Club organization has been in operation in Greater Moncton since 2001, and nationally since 1922. Our Club mission, through the eyes of a child we serve to build a stronger community, is more than just another tagline, it is our guiding principle. We don’t just raise and distribute funds; we often get involved and invest sweat-equity with our charity partners.  Whether it is a charitable donation, rolling up our sleeves to put a roof on a kid’s camp or helping a family who is going through a crisis situation,  we are driven to help children do what’s important for them; grow up healthy, have fun and live life to the fullest. The activities we undertake and the causes we support always focus on improving the lives of youth and their families in our community.  We are proud to say that 100% of all the funds we raise stay local.

In our support for children and families we take a unique approach from other important organizations in the community.  For example, rather than buy medical equipment for our hospitals, we focus on the small things that often get overlooked, like toys, games and family room furnishings that make a difficult time more bearable for the sick children and their families.  We keep many Christmas trees for needy families from being bare on Christmas morning by sending out food, stockings and presents. We buy renovation materials and provide the labour to help some of our local charities keep from falling apart.

We are a chapter of the Canadian Progress Club ( and as such we are also committed to our charitable affiliation with the Special Olympics, where at the national level we are the largest non-corporate sponsors of the event.  Our commitments at the national level are covered through our membership dues, not local sponsorships. We are a registered, not-for-profit corporation and as such accountability and transparency are very important to us. Financial statements for the Club are available upon request.  


Why do we do what we do?


We believe we all have a role to play in ensuring that underprivileged children, children with health issues and families in crisis get the help and resources they need to succeed and be a stronger part of our community.  Our Club has an extensive network of community partners who alert us to children, families and organizations in need. We specialize in helping those who often end up falling through the cracks; evaluating each need on its own merits then helping to find solutions or providing the assistance directly, when the situation calls for it. Funding requests are handled discreetly, professionally and fairly.


Who do we support?


The common thread between all the causes we support is that they are all children and youth-focused.  We are currently strategically aligned with the following charities and causes: Camp Livingston, Sistema NB, Pro-Kids / MyWrap, Atlantic Wellness Centre, Special Olympics, Moncton Hospital Pediatric Unit, Jon Bassett Memorial Scholarship, Centre hospitalier universitaire Dr-Georges-L.-Dumont Pediatric Unit as well as individual children and families in crisis through our Ways & Means Committee.


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