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Lozard Event

Lozard Event is the first practical training and workshops for the essential needs of entrepreneurs

Why Lozard Event ?  

If you are in one of these situations or you ask yourself these questions, LOZARD EVENT is for you:

  • How can I, as a tech entrepreneur master the ABC of a fundraising or how to run a business?
  • Who is tired of going into useless meetups where learning is low and the time is mostly lost to listening to people talking about themselves?
  • How can i concretely implement revolutionary technologies (AI, Blockchain, etc) in my daily business.
  • How to learn all the topics above without being stuck several days or weeks in a class? My time is money !
  • Who has not always dreamed of being told directly how to do without losing 80% of the time in theory?

Disclaimer: By signing up for a Lozard Event event, you agree that Lozard Event and its various partners present at the events may record or photograph the event, (including you, your likeness, voice and any guest you bring), and use it publicly or privately in any form of media, including for commercial purposes. By attending, You consent to the recording and photographing and grant Lozard Event and its various partners present at the events an unrestricted, perpetual, non-exclusive and sub-licensable license, to take, use, display, perform, distribute or exploit for any lawful and commercial purpose any recordings or photographs.


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