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Lynda Harlos

Lynda is a ‘Human Trafficking, Parent Prevention Educator’, Speaker, Certified Family Coach, Vlogger and Author.

A mother of a human trafficking survivor, Lynda endeavors to help families educate themselves in the hopes to prevent victimization. Working with many organizations including Victim Services, Covenant House and many others, she understands and tries to help both the survivors and those in the families of the survivor, to learn coping skills and alleviate the guilt that comes from being victims.

Lynda has done interviews to spread awareness with CBC, National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, and Toronto Star , Rituals for Recovery, 360 Kids, Abigails learning center, Junior Leauge (London) and Victim Services.

You can check out the work Lynda does, as well as watch her training videos on her website or Youtube channel, both called (no spaces)


Every parent needs to tune in to Lynda’s presentation on Human Trafficking. So informative and some great tips along with warning signs. This information provided could save your child from a very traumatizing experience or even save a child’s life. -Krista Steed

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