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Metals Investor Forum

The Metals Investor Forum was founded with two main principles in mind: Selectivity and Quality.

Our speakers, exhibitors, and attendees are all carefully selected to ensure that our serious investors receive expert advice and meet with the highest quality companies.


Our newsletter writers’ expertise and due diligence goes into every recommendation: they vet the management, project, commodity, jurisdiction and financials.


Explaining all of that to you in print is a great first step. The next step is connecting you with the management teams behind each recommendation. Only by meeting them in person can you ask hard questions and really get to know the people managing your investment dollars firsthand.


The Metals Investor Forum provides precisely that opportunity. Short presentations and plenty of opportunities to talk to management provide the perfect balance between time listening and time talking. Learn the latest from the companies you already follow because of your connection to our experts and learn which companies they are excited about.