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Private Matters Psychotherapy

Private Matters Psychotherapy is a group practice located in the heart of Burlington, ON.  All of our therapists are registered mental health professionals with ample experience in helping people uncover what they are dealing with, develop effective coping skills, and work towards personalized client-oriented goals. At the heart of the therapy offered at PMPTherapy lies a non-judgemental attitude, a caring environment, and professionalism.

Our therapists each have their own specialization and work with different therapeutic modalities. As such, we help a range of people including kids, teens, adults, families and couples. Most of the sessions offered at PMPTherapy will use an eclectic approach, combining therapeutic techniques from different therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Social Skills Training, Spiritual Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and more.

We also offer workshops and group therapy. A warm and compassionate group environment allows people facing similar issues to come together to learn about themselves and to realize that they are not alone. It provides a chance to identify with others who are in different stages of the healing process and to learn from their experiences.

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