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Real Investors Serving Everyone (RISE) Network

Real Investors Serving Everyone (RISE) Network is a platform for all aspiring, intermediate, and experienced investors of all asset classes to educate, learn, and build a sense of community with one another.

RISE Network, formally known as the Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Investors Meetup (GTA REI), was originally founded by Austin Yeh in July 2019 and quickly grew to a community of over 300 members on Facebook within three months.

As a community-focused and dynamic organization, RISE Network aims to foster long-term personal financial growth and learning through the creation of opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of mixer events, socials, educational seminars, and by engaging in our online social community.

Regardless of our gender, ethnicity, height, culture, or finances, we are all people first. Real Investors Serving Everyone (RISE) Network was created for the everyday person to be apart of community with other like-minded people from different paths of life, but with the same common goal of investing smarter and living better. We understand that life is challenging enough as it is and making the right financial decision in life can significantly alleviate the anxiety and stress of the everyday person.

Our mission is to elevate the financial being of the everyday person.

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