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Toronto Korean Film Festival 토론토 한국영화제



With the mission ‘To Advance Diversity Through Korean Cinema’, Toronto Korean Film Festival (TKFF) is a non-profit organization with four major goals: to present authentic Korean cinema to the Canadian community; to support local Korean filmmakers; to engage in academic research of Korean cinema; and to bridge together the Korean and Canadian film industries.


Every year the festival contributes to Toronto’s rich and enthusiastic film culture, delivering 50 Korean films to local audiences since its inauguration in 2012. TKFF also aims to be the showcase for emerging talents and their works. This is achieved via the initiative Korean-Canadian Programme and the Korean Shorts Competition Showcase, which this year attracted more than 220 entries from filmmakers locally and abroad. TKFF also co-hosted a project-funding workshop with Toronto Arts Council for Korean-Canadian filmmakers in 2013.


With a more diverse film selection than ever before, TKFF is proud to continue celebrating the cultural diversity of Canada.




The literal meaning of 무늬 (‘mooni’) is ‘pattern’, a set of repeating forms, structures or designs. Metaphorically, 무늬 symbolizes the snapshot of one's life, a unique print of patterns by which one is defined. The creation, occupation and reformation of time and space, through a series of calculated decisions and miscalculations, unforeseen struggles and ultimate achievements are what forms one’s 무늬. Ultimately, like the whorls, arches and loops that make up a fingerprint, this is the unparalleled definition of one’s identity.


This year’s screenings of 8 feature-length films shines the spotlight on individual stories. From what is seemingly ordinary to the extraordinary, from the historic to the contemporary, this is a celebration of every experience that forms the patterns and permanence of life.

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