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Nothing happens in business until a sale is made.

These Entrepreneurs Success Club™ are your cure for Sales Fear or lack of Sales Training.

It is a crash course on the essentials of what it takes to grow a business successfully and sustainably from someone who's done it several times herself AND helped hundreds of others grow their businesses over the past 25 years of being a coach/consultant for small businesses.

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The Entrepreneurs Success Club™ programs will help you grow your business FAST AND PROFITABLY!

I will share my skills and knowledge from my decades of professional sales and marketing experience in this online virtual program. The timing works for those on the West and East coast and even from Europe.

You will start with the basics of how to grow a business based on the high and low experiences that I’ve accumulated from having started 11 businesses in the past 25 years, seven in the past seven years in mainly B2B and but I did have my own retail garden centre in the middle of nowhere which I made into a thriving destination.

All sessions will run for 60-90 minutes via Zoom and start on Monday, October 23, 2017, at 12 pm EDT for the four weeks.

If that time is not good for you, let me know what works for you, and with enough other ambitious entrepreneurs, I’ll add in another Entrepreneurs Success Circle™ for another day and/or time.

There will be a 6 entrepreneurs MAX in each circle in order for you to get the most personal time to get all your most pressing questions answered AND have time for role-playing and feedback. The reason for the even number is that you'll be matched up with another entrepreneur as your personal accountability partner to further your progress on a regular basis between sessions.

Week 1 – Define your Ideal Target Market. What does your buyer’s persona look like? If you cannot exquisitely visualize and define your ideal dream client, then you do not know what to say and how to say it.

Week 2What is your opening intro, answering ‘so what do you do?’ in a way that is engaging and encourages the response of ‘tell me more’.

Week 3 – Building your Spectacular Clients’ Results page aka “Brag Sheet”!

How do you show your value and past results? How can you start collecting invaluable data to support your rates? How do you measure your effectiveness with your clients? A business is the fair exchange of value for money – so what value do you provide to your clients and how can you put that in $$ and numbers?

Week 4 – Prospecting to find your ideal dream clients. Where should you be networking? Putting together all that you’ve learned and worked on for the previous three weeks, you’re ready to show the world your skills and talents and get MORE business NOW! Knowing your ideal dream client, knowing what to say them to, know what questions to qualify them as a prospect OR NOT quickly, then staying in touch with them until they are ready to buy from you are all key to running a profitable, fun and sustainable business.

** NOTE: depending on who is in each circle, the topics for each week can be changed and adapted to meet your needs more closely. I have had experience in scaling a business to over $1 million and 20 employees, have had both B2B and B2C businesses and have had hundreds of clients in so many industries, so I can

Each week, I’ll do some teaching and you’ll be learning about the sales/buying process, learn new techniques and skills, hot seat coaching and role-playing as applicable. You’ll be matched up with an accountability partner to practice with between sessions.

You’ll be given some prep work to have ready to go at each session so that you can practice it and get live feedback – the ONLY way to get better at your sales ‘spiel’. Each weekly session will run from 1-1.5 hours, answering as many of your questions as possible. In between times, I am available to answer your questions via email or phone if you have a sales call panic with a major opportunity.

Much of what you might think you know about selling is based on myths and bad sales experiences you might have had. This is typically due to the lack of adequate training in how to sell properly. Once you know how to sell, it’s no longer something to be dreaded or feared but something you can look forward to.

Selling is all about helping others. Selling is NOT something you do to someone. Selling is NOT telling, so stop selling. It’s about helping people buy from you.

You will lose any fear that you might have of selling -- GUARANTEED!

Some clients may already be okay at sales but they’ve never been trained. It becomes a whole lot easier once someone explains that there is a specific process, discipline and specific techniques which will make it so much easier and effective. This online class will save you time and money and help you sell more and faster.

You’ll stop spinning your wheels chasing bad prospects.

This program is meant for anyone who has had little to no formal sales training. It will provide an easy-to-follow guide to success in developing your business, no matter what business you are in.

Selling is simple once you know how. To learn faster, you must learn from an entrepreneurial expert seller, not someone who’s used to training sales departments as it’s too much information that is not applicable to most small businesses and solopreneurs. I’m a born entrepreneur (my dad had his own business and I answered his business phone at very young age) AND I was a fulltime sales professional for decades. AND I have an MBA and 30+ years of marketing experience too. You won’t find many coaches and consultants with my eclectic background and experience.

I’m a born entrepreneur (my dad had his own business and I answered his business phone and took messages at very young age) AND I was a fulltime sales professional for decades. AND I have an MBA and 30+ years of marketing experience too. You won’t find many coaches and consultants with my eclectic background and experience.

When you want to grow, you should look for someone who’s done it before. I became a hobby farmer and garden center owner while knowing not much about either but I did have a green thumb AND a burning desire to succeed. That resulted in the title of my latest book The Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur which is NOT about farming but how to build a thriving business, in the middle of nowhere when you know nothing about the business of farming. But it became a successful business ONLY because I knew how to sell and market, the essential skills every entrepreneur MUST master.

After this set of four sessions, you will go from sales being scary to sales being simple. You will create some simple daily habits using some basic sales tools to make sure you are on track for a banner year.

And these skills that you will learn over the four weeks will last you a lifetime! Once you discover how easy it is to have a non-salesy no pressure sales conversation with your ideal target client, then you’ll never dread contacting them again. It’s all on how you craft your message and how well you know how you serve your ideal client.

Register NOW before we sell out and we will as these are SMALL intimate groups, maximum 6 entrepreneurs where we will learn from each other, keep everyone accountable and grow our businesses FAST and Profitably! It is a win-win for all who take part.

My unconditional money-back guarantee: if for any reason you feel that this program is not for you, I’m happy to refund your fee.

I ONLY work with entrepreneurs who get value and see results. Read my ‘brag sheet’ of clients successes after working with me to see if you want some of that in your business.

Any questions: call me at 416-951-3842 or email Patti@SmallBizSalesCoach.ca and we’ll figure out if this program is a fit for to get you started on a spectacular 2018!

Please note: that we will skip Nov. 13. and finish on Nov. 20, 2917

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Virtual Meetings: wherever you are

Lake Promenade

Toronto, ON M8W 1B1


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