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Ruby's Ukes Ukulele School

Ruby's Ukes is Vancouver's Ukulele school with classes, workshops & Vancouver's Ukulele festival. A Ukulele haven for all those interested in learning, playing, & all things Ukulele.....As featured on CBC national Radio Documentary "Four little Strings". Since 2009 Ruby's Ukes has been providing Ukulele courses that are fun, supportive and will get in playing no matter what level you are!  From absolute beginner to advanced player we offer the perfect course to get your inner musician out!

Ruby's Ukes presents a Ukulele Course Extraordinaire that takes places weekly on-line and will be back in our physical school space as soon as it is safe to do so.  Presenting a swing, jazz, blues, & folk repertoire. Classes are 90-minute sessions and will leave you smiling and a whole lot smarter! Courses run for 10 weeks and usual size for each class is approximately 28 students - we find this the perfect size big enough for great atmosphere and a fun time learning, and small enough to receive what is being taught and integrating it! We will be presenting our classes via Zoom until further notice, we have adapted to the new medium and found lots of advantages including a class materials page with audio samples and song charts to make practice fun and successful! Visit our website for more.