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Taranum Khan

I am an Outstanding Career Strategist with a passion to create a positive impact on career and academic journey of the lives I touch, locally and globally.

I LOVE my work #LoveMyWork

Creating possibilities through empathetic Consulting:

Career - Education - Change - Branding - Research - Training - Public Speaking - LinkedIn Strategy - Networking - Social Media Optimisation - Innovation

My 3:

- Giving up is not an option; if you can't find one then create your own way #MakeTheWay #MakingTheWay

- Believe in yourself; if you don't, then why would others believe in you. #ConfidenceIsSucess

- When you love wholeheartedly and start with self-love leading takes care of itself. #LoveToLead #LeadWithLove

I say, "Follow your heart always but with your mind in it."

"Passion + Strategy = Achievement"

Artist in my own way: SpokenWord, Author, Mixed Medium

I enjoy living in the moment and playing with Colors including Black N White 

Happy to hear from you through any of the social links.

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